One thought on “Prophetic Predictions – نبوی پیشگوئیاں

  1. We must not criticise or judge someone negatively as Allah is the best juge. People behave in diverse ways according to their upbringing, training,guidance and cultural impacts, Sometimes when people are confused by the dichotomies that exist and are unable to choose the right direction. As such it becomes all the more necessary that children are offered the correct guidance, girls in particular as they are the family builders. When a certain cultural trend is producing negative results and when leaders are constantly finding solutions rather adding to quality to the existing good ones then one must take a closer look at the basic principles and sociostructures. It is time to change and modify towards agreed goals of goodness, defined by reason and identified through evaluation.
    Desrtructive criticism produces negative attitudes while a constructive guidance can provide support for those who need it. The prophet laid emphsis on conveying the messages in an inobtrusive manner. According to his teachings Islam is the only path to salvation and to paradise. It makes sense that the striving and struggle within this transitory world towards good should end in an everlasting reward.

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